Why Choose Canadian Pro Drivers

At Canadian Pro Drivers, we have developed a pro-active approach to driver training that actually makes a real difference in the health and safety of your drivers – and your company.

As specialists in driver training, all of our trainers are MTO Certified Driving Instructors, a Ministry of Transportation legislated requirement  for training any G licensed driver in Ontario.

All of our Lead Trainers have extensive experience training both Serco and MTO driving examiners and regularly upgrade their skills and knowledge.

Canadian Pro Drivers trains Driving Instructors for college driving programs, as required by the MTO.

Canadian Pro Drivers has the largest number of Driving Instructor Trainers (DIT) and Driving Instructor Trainer Assistants (DITA) in Ontario. This is a training designation that is authorized by, recognized and registered with the MTO.


Content for our specific vehicle training is developed by our specialized group of professional curriculum writers.

They all have educational accreditation with the Ministry of Education, Master Instructor status with the MTO as well as actual on-road, hands-on experience as Certified Driving Instructors for the MTO.


Understanding driving behaviour in order to change it, forms the foundation of the Canadian Pro Drivers’ driver training program. By working with your company, we come to a greater understanding of how your company works and what is expected of your drivers.

Using our proprietary learning process (PTP) to assess a driver’s personality and how it influences their driving habits, we can tailor a driving program to fit a specific learning profile.

Canadian Pro Drivers instructors are specialists in embedded learning intended for greater retention.

Canadian Pro Drivers:

  • Specializes in adult learning methodology
  • Makes hands-on training an integral part of our corporate risk mitigation program
  • Provides driver training across Canada and the United States


Before we start working with your drivers, we start by working with you and your team to understand your unique situation including your:

  • driver’s style,
  • driving patterns,
  • driving habits
  • fleet characteristics and collision history.

With this understanding, we can customize our teaching materials and training methods according to whom we will be teaching.


CPD developed an innovative training methodology called PTP, which stands for:

Psychological : Theoretical : Practical

PTP is an approach which identifies the student’s learning style and incorporates this insight into the teaching program.

The results include better learning and increased retention to give your drivers the skills that they need to better manage risk on the road.