Corporate Risk Reduction – Backing and Confined Spaces

CPD-3.1      Backing and Confined Spaces (theory / practical)                                               (½ day)

Most collisions are due to backing and maneuvering in confined spaces. This program is specifically designed to teach drivers the proper backing techniques for their company specific vehicle.

Theory: “Why we drive the way we do”

Learning outcomes:

  • To understand how attitude affects our driving
  • To understand Provincial traffic laws and local traffic issues
  • To understand the needs of the professional driver
  • To understand and correct their own driving errors
  • To understand the 3 keys of defensive driving
  • To understand risk management

Audio-visual aids:

  • Power point “THINK – The professional driver”


  • Socratic

Parking lot portion: Reversing / Parking / Rodeo

  • Mirror adjustments, blind spots and blind areas
  • Pre-check and post-check
  • Roadside stop and cone placement
  • Position for best view
  • 45° reverse backing (blind side and sight side) with final quarter check
  • Off set reversing gates
  • “Ping-Pong” mirror scanning when reversing


  • Classroom and parking lot

Method: Demonstration, Coaching and discovery

  • Our “edutrainment” style training culminates in a great team building competitive ‘RODEO’ exercise complete with prizes for the winning team. These exercises are performed in actual company specific vehicles and are designed to complement the knowledge of the drivers by providing them with actual hands-on practical experience.