Our Health & Safety Policy

Canadian Pro Drivers is committed to continuously improving the health and safety of OUR employees. Recognizing that Health and Safety is a shared responsibility between management and the employees, the achievement of this Policy requires the full cooperation of everyone in the workplace.

Canadian Pro Drivers strives to meet and exceed, the letter and intent of all applicable Legislation.

All Supervisors have the responsibility for ensuring that employees are trained in approved work procedures to obtain optimal performance without incidents/injury and to ensure that employees follow safe work methods and all related regulations.

All Employees and Contractors are required to support the Occupational Health and Safety Program and make sure that Health and Safety is a part of their daily routine by following safe work methods and relevant regulations.

Safety, customer service, and sales must receive equal priority. No job shall be considered so important that time cannot be taken to do it safely.

All Employees will be held accountable for implementing this Policy and Program. Neglect of ones Health and Safety duties will not be tolerated nor shall it be sacrificed for expediency.

Canadian Pro Drivers has a Return to Work program that recognizes that all members of the workplace have a shared responsibility to actively participate in.

This Policy and our Health and Safety Program will be reviewed annually.