Not For Profit – Transportation of Special Needs Clients

The 3 day  course has been designed for drivers that have to transport “wheel chair/ scooter” clients in specialized vehicles with a capacity under 10 passengers.

The highly interactive and engaging course combines classroom theory work and practical hands-on in-vehicle exercises to optimize the adult learning process. The course encompasses three areas of learning::

  • Physiological and emotional needs of the Clients,
  • Emergency and Safety Procedures, including practical application for passenger securement and
  • Vehicle dynamics to safely operate this specialized vehicle

Upon successful completion, participants will be able to demonstrate a proficiency in:

  • Understanding the psychological and emotional aspects required to create an environment of respect and dignity when handling clients with special disabilities
  • Emergency evacuation procedures
  • Loading and unloading passengers safely
  • Wheel chair/scooter securement
  • Safe handling of a vehicle with “different vehicle dynamics”
  • Policies and procedures that are specific to this job.

This highly interactive program is designed for up to 6 participants.

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