Not for Profit – Defensive Driving for Volunteers

CPD-3.3 The volunteer driver (Theory & practical)       (½ day)

This program is specifically designed to enhance the skills of your valuable volunteer drivers. It recognizes each driver’s strengths and allows them to build on their weaknesses. This highly inter-active, hands on course is a favorite among such agencies as the Canadian Cancer Society, Red Cross, Meals on Wheels and many other organizations.

Theory: “Why we drive the way we do”

Learning outcomes:

  • To understand how attitude affects our driving
  • To understand Provincial traffic laws and local traffic issues
  • To understand the needs of the professional driver
  • To understand and correct their own driving errors
  • To understand the 3 keys of defensive driving
  • To understand risk management

Audio-visual aids:

  • CPD Power point “The volunteer driver”


Method:   Highly inter-active using adult principles of learning

On-road portion:

The 3 keys of professional driving

Eyes: An interactive approach to understanding the role that the brain plays in interpreting what we see, especially in the traffic environment.

Five Risks: Identifying the five risk areas for collisions allows drivers to manage and minimize the risk and thus avoid potential collisions.

Communication: Driving is a shared experience with others and we must be able to communicate with our partners on the road in such a way as to assist them in making the right choices.

Location:  Classroom and on-road

Method: Rolling classroom & CPD’s commentary driving

These exercises carried out on the road are designed to complement the knowledge of the drivers by providing them with actual hands-on practical experience. Each driver well have the opportunity to learn the maneuvers demonstrated, providing them with the appropriate tools necessary to continue to practice their skills properly in their driving commitment.  This short but very powerful training experience will have a great and lasting impact on all the participants.

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