Not For Profit Organizations

Canadian Pro Drivers (CPD) works with the unique safety and training needs of a Not For Profit organization to create a Customized Defensive Driving program for your employees and volunteers who drive a vehicle as part of their job.

Vehicle Risk Review

CPD can provide your Not For Profit organization with a review and assessment of the risks around your unique vehicle management programs.

CPD’s risk management model is based on building a detailed understanding 
of the various risks facing your employee and volunteer drivers. Understanding these risks is critical to be able to effectively address them.

CPD’s Driver Safety Management Audit provides this needed understanding and is a powerful first step in creating a sustainable safe driving culture.

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Customized Program Development

CPD works with your team to develop a customized training program built around your unique situation as an NFP and incorporates your driving patterns, your driver demographics and business model into the program
•    Do your drivers work in a stressful or busy and demanding setting?
•    Are they called upon to find addresses, work in confined areas, or park in difficult or congested areas?
•    Does your fleet  have a history of collisions?

Once we complete an analysis of the job requirements and traveling environment of your drivers, we can customize a training methodology that will deliver the desired outcome for your organization.

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Professional Defensive Driver Training

CPD has a library of Professional Defensive Driver Training modules that can be taken individually or incorporated into a program to address the issues you face.

This issues may include:

  • High Rate of Collisions
  • Distracted Driving
  • Excessive Speed
  • Problems Backing Up
  • Senior Drivers
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