Not For Profit – Defensive Driving Programs

Employee Screening


This program is suitable for all new hires or drivers that may have point violations, collisions or reported driving infractions.

This program provides an in-vehicle driver assessment along with feedback on their driving habits.

Drivers learn that the driving environment is constantly changing. Techniques used to manage these changes can have a significant impact on a driver’s chances of being involved in a crisis.

Through the utilization of basic vision, space and communication skills, drivers will learn how these techniques can be effectively applied to reduce the chances of being involved in a crisis.

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Defensive Driving for
Mobile Employees


Many employees are required to drive a vehicle as part of their job. This includes Service Professionals, Sales Professionals, Technical Support Specialists, Trainers, Inspectors etc.

This program is designed to help these employees to recognize the risks involved in driving and to drive more defensively.

Drivers learn that the driving environment is constantly changing and that our ‘driver personality’ has an immense impact on how we interpret information.

This program is based on the Myers-Briggs Personality Type Indicator and will provide the drivers with insight into the risks they face and the tools and understanding that will lead to any necessary change in their driver behaviour to mitigate the risks.

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Defensive Driver Training
for Seniors


Research by the Canadian Medical Society shows that as we get older, hearing, eyesight and physical dexterity gradually deteriorates.

The CMA  recommends annual testing for seniors as the most effective method of making seniors aware of how the extent of these changes are affecting their driving skills.

This popular 10 hr. course is designed to provide a comprehensive overview of the aging process and the effects of that process on driving performance. The course includes exercises to enhance the senior/mature driver’s mental skills and abilities behind the wheel.

Additional in-vehicle practice can be provided on an individual basis .

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Defensive Driver Training for Volunteers


This program is designed for non-profit organizations that have “volunteer drivers” on their team.

Volunteer drivers represent a unique safety risk to your organization since they are on average more mature than regular volunteers.

This program increases driver awareness of the risks involved in driving today and prepares them for dealing with these risks.

CPD has developed and delivered customized training for volunteer drivers at a number of NFP organizations including the Canadian Cancer Society, the Canadian Red Cross, Meals on Wheels and the Children’s Aid Society.

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Circle of Care: Transportation of Special Needs Clients

This is a customized  course  designed specifically for Circle of Care and other agencies that have a similar mandate.

This speciality certification program is designed for drivers that will be transporting clients that rely on the use of wheel chairs and scooters.

This course is designed for vehicles that carry less than 10 passengers and  do not require a special commercial  designated license.

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