Not For Profit Customized Solutions

CPD training is customized to your situation

Organizations have personalities. It is what is commonly called the “culture” of the organization.

We customize our teaching materials and training methods according to whom we will be teaching. Technicians, service and support people who commonly work with their hands often benefit from an active and participatory approach to learning. Teaching to someone’s learning style ensures retention.

Our knowledge and experience really come into play when training for company-specific vehicles and situations. Our training is designed for your situation.

CPD builds you a solution around your situation.

Before we start working with your drivers, we begin by working with you.

Our years of experience have prepared us to better understand the unique needs of your organization. CPD works with your team to develop a customized training program built around your unique situation as an NFP and incorporates your driving patterns, your driver demographics and business model into the program

  • Do your drivers work in a stressful or busy and demanding setting?
  • Are they called upon to find addresses, work in confined areas, or park in difficult or congested areas?
  • Does your fleet  have a history of collisions?

Once we complete an analysis of the job requirements and traveling environment of your drivers, we can customize a training methodology that will deliver the desired outcome for your company.

Why it works: The benefits of a customized solution

A customized program addresses organization and driver training needs while being mindful of your business objectives.

We do this by:

  1. Incorporating the Learning style  the of the drivers
  2. Understanding the drivers’ daily workload and routes.
  3. Familiarizing ourselves with the specialized or variety of vehicles the drivers use

By fully understanding both your needs and the needs of your drivers, we can create a program that is focused, framed to mitigate risk and is relevant to your drivers’ working environment. Your drivers are more receptive to learning and you get successful training in less time.

Customization in the real world: Canadian Cancer Society

Canadian Cancer logo

The Canadian Cancer Society provides a variety of services to help people living with cancer as well as the families of those who have cancer. One of the most important services is the Transportation Program. Through this program, the Society offers transportation to people who require help with their travel to and from cancer treatment.

There are over 3000 Volunteer Drivers who help improve people’s access to treatment. Volunteer Drivers are men and women of all ages and from a variety of backgrounds. The average age of Volunteer Drivers is 59 years.

Canadian Pro Drivers designed and delivered a training program to meet the unique needs of the Canadian Cancer Society.  

The Volunteer Driver Awareness Course was based on sound Defensive Driving principals that accented physiological changes of this target group. CPD created a special cost effective 4 hour program that enhanced driver awareness, assessed on-road driving capabilities and provided a special confidence builder while enhancing the knowledge base of the attendees.

As an added bonus, on completion of this course , all participants had valuable insight into retaining their license as they approach the Ministry’s  mandatory licensing requirements.