Customized Solutions

CPD training is customized to your situation

Businesses have personalities. It is what is commonly called the “culture” of the organization.

We customize our teaching materials and training methods according to whom we will be teaching. Technicians and trades-persons who commonly work with their hands often benefit from an active and participatory approach with less time spent at a desk.

Our knowledge and experience really come into play when training for company-specific vehicles. Since most people who drive a van for work actually learned to drive in cars, there are a number of opportunities for changing driving behavior, not the least of which is teaching someone how to properly back up a vehicle when visibility is compromised. Teaching to someone’s ability to learn ensures retention.

CPD builds you a solution around your situation.

Before we start working with your drivers, we begin by working with you.

Our years of experience have prepared us to better understand the unique needs of your company.

  • Do your drivers work in  emergency vehicles (EVO), delivery vehicles or in a business technical support capacity?
  • Are they called upon to find addresses, answer dispatch, work in confined areas, park in difficult areas like busy main streets?
  • Does your company have a history of collisions?

Once we complete an analysis of the job requirements and traveling environment of your drivers, we can customize a training methodology that will deliver the desired outcome for your company.

Why it works: The benefits of a customized solution

A customized program addresses company and driver training needs while being mindful of your bottom line.

We do this by:

  1. Incorporating the Learning style  the of the drivers
  2. Understanding the drivers’ daily workload and routes.
  3. Familiarizing ourselves with the specialized or variety of vehicles the drivers use

By fully understanding both your needs and the needs of your drivers, we can create a program that is focused, framed to mitigate risk and is relevant to your drivers’ working environment. Your drivers are more receptive to learning and you get successful training in less time.

Customization in the real world: 3000 Toronto Cab Drivers


Case in point: A cab driver sees a person across the street, flagging him down. To the cab driver, it means a fare, so he stops suddenly to make a U-turn. Unfortunately, the driver behind the cab rear-ends the cab because, though he saw the person across the street, it didn’t have the same significance to him, so his brain ignored it. The driver behind is at fault, but the cab driver ends up getting hurt, the corporate image is tarnished and the costs to all drivers increase.

Canadian Pro Drivers designed and delivered the driver training segment of the innovative Ambassador Taxi Training program, which won the prestigious Canadian Society for Training Development (CSTD) award in 2004.

Our award-winning program, developed specifically for cab drivers, involved getting them to understand that other drivers, though sometimes at fault, don’t perceive or interpret what they see in the same way a ‘cabbie’ does. A cab driver must always be aware of what is behind him when he slows down to pick up a customer.In this common instance, the cab driver needs to know how to avoid the rear-end collision, how to maneuver  their vehicle in moving traffic while making these quick directional decisions and how to ensure that he is contributing to road safety on increasingly congested roads. It is a lot to think about. Our programs were designed around these and other driving scenarios that made the program real, relevant and worthy of of the CSTD award.