Corporate Risk Reduction – Team Building

CPD-8.2     Team building / professional development                     


This highly inter-active half day or full day “edutrainment” program combines a valid defensive driving learning experience with a great team-building component.

Using our proprietary PTP methodology (based on the Myers Briggs Personality Type Indicator) each person will discover his or her driving risk personality. They will then be split into teams according to their personality type and proceed to take part in a motor vehicle “Rodeo” event.

This is a great learning experience that has proven to increase efficiency in the workplace as well as changing your drivers’ behaviour.

Learning Outcomes

  • Understanding the decision making process and the consequences of their decision
  • Identify current driving habits and correct where needed
  • A better understanding of the critical role vision plays in the operation of a motor vehicle especially in times of panic
  • To gain a much better perspective of the complexities associated with driving
  • Understanding how important vision plays in the driving task
  • A better understanding of “cooperative” driving
  • Knowing that driving requires 100% attention, 100% concentration 100% of the time


This program is carried out in teams utilizing company vehicles, and is designed to complement the knowledge of the driver’s by providing them with actual hands-on practical experience.

Each driver will have the opportunity to learn the manoeuvers demonstrated, providing them with the appropriate tools necessary to continue to practice their skills properly in their driving commitment.

This short but powerful training experience will have a great and lasting impact on all the participants.

A prize is awarded to the ‘winning’ team.