Corporate Risk Reduction – Manager’s Ride Along

CPD-7.3 Managers’ ride-along training program (full day)

In the past fleet managers have felt inadequate in coaching their drivers, as they have little to no reference to work with. This course is designed to give managers the tools that will allow them to coach their drivers with the confidence to correct improper driving habits and reinforce safe defensive driving techniques.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Understand different driving personalities
  • Ability to communicate the major causes of collisions and provide clear options for managing risk
  • Ability to coach their drivers to the company’s risk management needs on the road
  • Have a greater degree of confidence in coaching (ride-along) and provide defensive driving solutions to their drivers
  • Understand the “New hire’s defensive driving program”


The Managers’ ride-along program consists of the following 3 components:

Part 1: Classroom

  • Understanding the coaching process
  • Attitude, distractions and managing conflicts
  • The highway traffic act and local traffic issues
  • Understanding the five areas of risk

Part 2: In-vehicle reverse narration & evaluation techniques:

  • Coaching techniques and effectively using the ACE method
  • Reverse narration
  • Parking 45 Degree blocker position
  • Proper set-up and use of mirrors
  • Traffic positioning, s-turn and staggered stops
  • Space management

Part 3: Rodeo / Maneuvering in confined spaces

  • Setup of the rodeo exercises
  • Blind areas
  • Positioning for best view
  • Off set component
  • Circle check