Corporate Risk Reduction – ATV/Snowmobile Training

CPD-6.1 ATV or Snowmobile (practical) (1 day)

This course is designed for those who have driven a snowmobile or ATV for pleasure but now need to drive this vehicle as a requirement for their work.

Learning outcomes:

  • The dynamics of the specific vehicle (weight and balance)
  • Their own current driving patterns and where needed correct them
  • The H.T.A. and its role in driver safety
  • The need for constant thought and concentration during the driving task
  • The 3 keys of basic driving and how to minimize their risk of collisions
  • Parking lot portion: Reversing / Parking / Hooking & Unhooking
  • Pre-check and post-check
  • Off tracking and tail swing
  • Mirror adjustments
  • Blind spots and blind areas
  • 90° reversing (blind side and sight side)

Field and slops portion:

  • Pre-check and post-check, safety features
  • Starting and stopping
  • Controlled cornering, weight transformation and slop approach
  • Sled loading and unloading

Location: Parking lot, fields and hills

Method: Demonstration, coaching and discovery

These exercises are preformed with company vehicles and are designed to complement the knowledge of the drivers by providing them with hands-on practical experience.

Each driver will have the opportunity to learn the manoeuvers demonstrated, providing them with the appropriate tools necessary to continue to practice their skills properly in their driving commitment.

This short but powerful training experience will have a great and lasting impact on all the participants.

Companies are responsible for arranging:

  • Parking lot
  • Field with slopes
  • 1 licensed vehicle with hitch
  • 1 licensed trailer
  • 2 snowmobiles (for practical portion)