Corporate Vehicle Risk Review

Driver Safety Management Audit

CPD’s risk management model is based on building a detailed understanding 
of the risk factors to which your drivers are exposed. This is essential before those risks can be effectively addressed. CPD’s Driver Safety Management Audit provides this understanding and is a powerful first step in creating a sustainable safe driving culture.

The Audit Process

  1. Completion of a pre-audit questionnaire and analysis of available fleet/driver statistics.
  2. Site visit and interviews with those responsible for safety and fleet management.
  3. Presentation of findings and recommended action plan.


The audit is comprehensive and covers:

  • Driver safety policy
  • Incident reporting, tracking and analysis
  • Driver risk assessments
  • OHS regulatory compliance
  • Management process and controls
  • Fitness to drive and trip planning
  • Job requirements & driving situations
  • Recruitment
 & onboarding
  • Driver skills and training
  • Vehicle selection and maintenance
  • Ergonomics
  • Grey fleet (employee own vehicle)
  • Vehicle telematics
and technologies
  • Social responsibility & environment
  • Dangerous goods handling
  • Brand exposure
  • Culture and attitudes

Report & Recommendations

The report produced following 
the analysis identifies where drivers and the organization are most at risk and makes recommendations on how to reduce collisions and mitigate the associated risk of injury, expense and liability. In particular the report will address:

  1. Safety Culture and Process – the perception of responsibility for safety and the process for managing and mitigating driver risk.
  2. Regulatory Compliance – due diligence required by Federal and Provincial Occupational Health & Safety legislation; risk of prosecution under section 217.1 of the Criminal Code of Canada.
  3. Financial Impact – the financial risk and opportunity associated with injury claims, vehicle repair. loss of access to a vehicle, insurance premiums, fuel cost and productivity.
  4. Reputation & Social Responsibility – the risk to brand reputation and social responsibility to protect both public safety and the environment.

The audit will analyze the current risk management processes and controls with respect to your organizations ability to effectively Measure, Motivate and Monitor safe driving practice and behaviors.


At the end of the process, CPD will present its recommendations and an action plan to significantly reduce the identified risks. You will have completed the first step in your organizations journey to create a sustainable safe driving culture.