Client Testimonials


“The course made me more aware of a number of things such as space management, mirror adjustment, circle checks, blind spots/blind areas and visual interpretations/distractions. I found the pylon parking to be most beneficial. The instructors were very knowledgeable and friendly. I certainly would recommend this course to other drivers”. – Jason

“The thing I liked the most about this course was learning new things about my driving and how to use my mirrors properly. The thing I found most beneficial was how to use the 45-blocker blind side method of parking. The facilitator was excellent as well as the course”. – Farhad

“I found the practical hands-on approach to backing up or backing into? in confined spaces to be most beneficial. The course was well planned and executed. I rate this course as excellent”. Monique

“What I liked most about this course was the way the instructors made the course educational in a fun way. The course made me aware of the visual interpretations we have as drivers”. – Melissa


“This is an excellent course. It certainly made me more aware of a number of things such as circle checks, space management, backing up or backing into confined areas, and blind spots/ blind areas. The thing I liked most was the emphasis on concentration and thinking. I would like all my family to be able to take it”. – Kerry

“The thing I found to be most beneficial was the one on one time in the vehicle. I had my license for a number of years and had picked up some bad habits that I was not aware of. I know that this is an excellent course that everyone should take”. – Josie

“Visual distractions, space management, blind spots/ blind areas, were all made more aware to me to become a better professional diver. I really enjoyed the hands-on training and the instructors were great”. – Richard

Canadian Cancer Society

“I found everything to be informative and beneficial. I liked the road test and having my driving evaluated. The course made me more aware of a number of things but especially the importance of spatial awareness”. – Ron

“I found the classroom presentation to be most beneficial. The thing I liked the most about the course was the identification of critical things to be considered and remembered. This is an excellent course”. – John

“This was the best course of this type I have ever taken. I would recommend that every driver have to take it”. – Alan