CPD Travelling Training Course

Your skills are appreciated and valued by your employer, but those skills will not be effective if your well-being or life is compromised while driving. You have more than likely spent more hours driving then spent acquiring the knowledge and experience that allow you to do your job. Most of us devote little time on improving the very skill that we need most in our daily lives…DRIVING!

Recognizing how valuable you are, CPD in conjunction with your employers have asked Canada’s leading motor vehicle risk management company Canadian Pro Drivers, to develop and provide a special “lifesaving” motor vehicle risk management course that will provide professional drivers an opportunity to enhance their driving skills and mitigate their risk of collisions during their daily activities.

This highly interactive “Edutrainment” course will provide you with the tools that will immediately provide a positive impact on your driving safety! The course is based on the Myers-Briggs Personality Type Indicator and will provide drivers with the tools and understanding that will lead to a change in “driver behavior”.

You will experience first hand, how all drivers see hazards (risks) differently and therefore how those same drivers respond differently. You will come away with a new found awareness of risk perception, enhanced vision, space management and communication skills, that will have you better prepared to effectively reduce your risk of being involved in collisions.